Activity Highlights

October was very exciting and busy. Our residents had Fall festival activities which consisted of our annual Staff/Department truck-A-treat. Each department was asked to create a trunk which featured a game. Front office had Pumpkin Toss, Social Services created the Cookie Monster Trunk, our Professional Staff created a carnival trunk which featured several games. Our Nursing Department helped the Recreation department with prize patrol and face painting. We also held our annual Hall Pumpkin Craving Creation Contest. Each QIDP/Case Manager plus residents from their halls had the opportunity to came up with a theme which required each hall to incorporate three pumpkins. Mimosa Hall and Villa Nova Group Home created the New Orleans Super Dome which featured the Dallas Cowboys Vs the New Orleans Saints. Cedar Hall & Cypress Hall created Unicorns in Candy Land, Pine Hall & Cypress Hall which were the overall winners of a pizza party, created the Wizard of Oz, Magnolia Hall & Willow Hall had the Scary Kitty City and Fern Hall & Willow Hall really got creative with the Day of the Dead theme. Everything was super exciting and FUN!!!

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